What we Choose? Savings or Deposits?

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Savings and deposit is two products issued bank as a means of investment society in its banking sector and means bank seeking capital from the society . Either product having a characteristic different . Savings and deposit is one of the products bank that provide services to citizens as a storage medium money and investment . Differences savings and deposit is on the flexibility when funds deposited customers dibank negotiable and on interest rates mistress . Savings have very high due to the felksibilitas whenever the customer requires the withdrawal of customer funds deposited in the form of savings can be made. However, unlike deposits that have a period for doing so, so that the customer cannot make withdrawals at any time, if the customer melakuakn withdrawals before maturity and not limited to customers will be getting any results. Interest rates on savings deposits is relatively higher than the savings. This is what makes the community prefers to invest in the form of deposits compared to the savings.

Based on statistics banking issued bank indonesia per january 2012 can be seen deposits to contribute to the largest accumulation third party funds on tub compared with 2 products bank others are giro and savings . Funds can dept. bank in the deposits reached rp1.230.770 billion where had a reached 44.88 percent of all third party funds that can dept. until january 2012 , where increase of nearly rp200.000 billion compared in january 2011 . Funds can dept. of products savings of rp865.884 billion there what he called the percentage of 31,57 percent of the budget that extinguished the rest of the products of accounts .

This is what happened at general bank and the same event happened also in other banks where the level of funds that are collected from deposits outweigh the savings. This marks the community prefer deposits compared to the savings Tally of funds from deposits is great because of the huge interest rates i.e. up to 6 to 7 percent, compared with the savings interest rate of 2 percent. haya Aside from the public interest than savings preferring deposits because the deposits can be used as a guarantee of what the customer requires funds.

saving depostis
saving depostis

Time deposit is also available in several foreign currencies. Don’t save your money entirely in the form of savings deposits in rupiah. Save some in the form of rupiah for spur of the moment and open deposits in currencies US dollars for long-term purposes. The main concern in the depositio of foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations on the currency on deposit of USD, but if too conservative, the money you invested will not be enough to compensate for inflation. You will lose purchasing power due to currency exchange rate is very low. If you need money in the form of U.S. dollar in the future, should save money in U.S. dollars.

now back to the customer the option to choose whether or savings deposits all depends on customer investment. if the small customer funds held more advisable to choose when selecting a savings deposit because the funds will be cut off by bank fees. For customers who use the services of the bank just to save money and have financial transactions using the bank’s recommended to choose a relatively high savings, manun for customers who want to save money at the same time it is recommended to choose an investment deposits because it will get bigger interest.

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